Raiders superlatives

The Raiders Research Project presents:

Oakland Raiders superlative accomplishments

The Oakland Raiders have long touted their history as “the Team of the Decades.”

This is a look at major achievements during those Decades that have helped establish the team’s reputation. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, merely to highlight the finest accomplishments, both as a team and individually, by those wearing the Silver & Black.

* = Player/coach spent entire pro career with Raiders.

National Football League/Super Bowl champions (3)

Super Bowl XVIII: Raiders 38, Washington Redskins 9 (January 1984).

Super Bowl XV: Raiders 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10 (January 1981).

Super Bowl XI: Raiders 32, Minnesota Vikings 14 (January 1977).

American Football League/American Football Conference champions (2)

Super Bowl XXXVII Raiders 21, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 (January 2003).

Super Bowl II: Raiders 14, Green Bay Packers 33 (January 1968).

Pro Football Hall of Famers (18)

Jerry Rice, wide receiver, inducted 2010: With Raiders 2001-2004.

Rod Woodson, safety, inducted 2009: With Raiders 2002-2003.

John Madden, head coach, inducted 2006: With Raiders 1969-1978*.

Bob Brown, offensive tackle, inducted 2004: With Raiders 1971-1973.

James Lofton, wide receiver, inducted 2003: With Raiders 1987-1988.

Marcus Allen, running back, inducted 2003: With Raiders 1982-1992.

Dave Casper, tight end, inducted 2002: With Raiders 1974-1980, 1984.

Ronnie Lott, safety/cornerback, inducted 2000: With Raiders 1991-1992.

Howie Long, defensive end/defensive tackle, inducted 2000: With Raiders 1981-1993*.

Eric Dickerson, running back, inducted 1999: With Raiders 1992.

Mike Haynes, cornerback, inducted 1997: With Raiders 1983-1989.

Al Davis, owner/coach/contributor, inducted 1992: With Raiders 1963-present.

Ted Hendricks, linebacker, inducted 1990: With Raiders 1975-1983.

Art Shell, offensive tackle, inducted 1989: With Raiders 1968-1982*.

Fred Biletnikoff, wide receiver, inducted 1988: With Raiders 1965-1978*.

Gene Upshaw, offensive guard, inducted 1987: With Raiders 1967-1981*.

Willie Brown, cornerback, inducted 1984: With Raiders 1967-1978.

George Blanda, quarterback/kicker, inducted 1981: With Raiders 1967-1975.

Jim Otto, center, inducted 1980: With Raiders 1960-1974*

NFL Most Valuable Players

2002: Rich Gannon, quarterback.

1985: Marcus Allen, running back.

1974: Ken Stabler, quarterback.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Players

XVIII: Marcus Allen, running back.

XV: Jim Plunkett, quarterback.

XI: Fred Biletnikoff, wide receiver.

NFL/AFL Coach of the Year winners

1990: Art Shell (record: 12-4, 1-1).

1982: Tom Flores (record: 8-1, 1-1).

1969: John Madden (record: 12-1-1, 1-1).

1967: John Rauch (record: 13-1, 1-1).

1963: Al Davis (record: 10-4).

NFL/AFL coaching “firsts”

2007: Lane Kiffin, age 31, becomes the youngest head coach in modern NFL history.

1989: Art Shell becomes the first African-American head coach in modern NFL history.

1979: Tom Flores becomes the first Hispanic head coach in modern NFL history.

NFL/AFL No. 1 overall draft picks

2007: JaMarcus Russell, quarterback, Louisiana State.

1962: Roman Gabriel, quarterback, North Carolina State (did not sign).

NFL/AFL No. 1 overall draft picks who played for the Raiders

2007: JaMarcus Russell, quarterback, Louisiana State: With Raiders 2007-2009.

2003: Carson Palmer, quarterback, Southern California: With Raiders 2011-present.

1991: Russell Maryland, defensive tackle, Miami (by Dallas): With Raiders, 1996-1999.

1990: Jeff George, quarterback, Illinois (by Indianapolis): With Raiders, 1997-1998, camp 2006.

1988: Aundray Bruce, linebacker/end, Auburn (by Atlanta): With Raiders, 1992-1998.

1986: Bo Jackson, running back, Auburn (by Tampa Bay; did not sign): With Raiders, 1987-1990*.

1973: John Matuszak, defensive end, Tampa (by Houston): With Raiders, 1976-1982.

1971: Jim Plunkett, quarterback, Stanford (by New England): With Raiders, 1978-1987.

1960: Billy Cannon, running back, Louisiana State (by Los Angeles/NFL): With Raiders, 1964-1969.

Heisman Trophy winners who played for the Raiders

2004: Matt Leinart, quarterback, Southern California: With Raiders 2012-present.

2002: Carson Palmer, quarterback, Southern California: With Raiders 2011-present.

1997: Charles Woodson, cornerback/kick returner, Michigan (D1a-98): With Raiders 1998-2005.

1994: Rashaan Salaam, running back, Colorado: With Raiders, training camp 1999.

1991: Desmond Howard, wide receiver/kick returner, Michigan: With Raiders, 1997-1998.

1989: Andre Ware, quarterback, Houston: With Raiders, training camp 1999.

1987: Tim Brown, wide receiver/kick returner, Notre Dame (D1a-88): With Raiders, 1988-2003.

1985: Bo Jackson, running back, Auburn (D7-87): With Raiders, 1987-1990*.

1981: Marcus Allen, running back, Southern California (D1-82): With Raiders 1982-1992.

1970: Jim Plunkett, quarterback, Stanford: With Raiders, 1978-1987.

1959: Billy Cannon, running back, Louisiana State: With Raiders, 1964-1969.

Raiders “Decade” players: Those who played 10 years or more in Silver & Black

Marcus Allen, running back: 1982-1992; Eddie Anderson, safety: 1987-1997; George Atkinson, safety/kick returner: 1968-1977; Pete Banaszak, running back: 1966-1978*; Jeff Barnes, linebacker: 1977-1987*; Fred Biletnikoff, wide receiver, 1965-1978*; Cliff Branch, wide receiver, 1972-1985*; Tim Brown, wide receiver/kick returner, 1988-2003; Willie Brown, cornerback, 1967-1978; George Buehler, offensive guard, 1967-1978; Todd Christensen, tight end/fullback, 1979-1988; Dan Conners, linebacker, 1964-1974*; Dave Dalby, center/guard, 1972-1985*; Ray Guy, punter, 1973-1986*; Wayne Hawkins, offensive guard, 1960-1970*; Lester Hayes, cornerback, 1977-1986*; Sebastian Janikowski, kicker, 2000-2012* (as of 12/29/12); James Jett, wide receiver, 1993-2002*; Shane Lechler, punter, 2000-2012* (as of 12/29/12); Howie Long, defensive end/defensive tackle, 1981-1993*; Rod Martin, linebacker, 1977-1988*; Mickey Marvin, offensive guard, 1977-1987*; Terry McDaniel, cornerback, 1988-1997; Jim Otto, center, 1960-1974*; Jim Plunkett, quarterback, 1978-1987; Art Shell, offensive tackle, 1968-1982*; Ken Stabler, quarterback, 1970-1979; Greg Townsend, defensive end/linebacker, 1983-1993, 1997; Adam Treu, center, 1997-2006*; Gene Upshaw, offensive guard, 1967-1981*; Steve Wisniewski, offensive guard, 1989-2001*.

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