The Raiders Research Project

As some of you who have followed my work over at know, a few years ago, I started something called the Raiders Research Project, which has been an ongoing — albeit sporadic — effort to create a one-stop-shopping site for Raiders information.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that, with Bob Carr’s permission and encouragement, I’m moving the project here, to Silver & Black Report.

This may be a slow, painful process, but watch the “Raiders Research Project” list in the top menu for updates. So far, I’ve added four of the original six projects to the site, including the former “Unofficial Roster,” now the “official” Silver & Black Report roster.

I’ve also added one brand-new project covering Oakland Raiders draft picks.

For now, at least, my “RRP” blog will continue to be the place to go for updates.

Enjoy! And watch for the rest of the original six projects, plus more all-new ones, here on S&B Report!