Raiders owner ‘disliked’ according to Forbes

al_davisTom Van Riper, a reporter and writer for, published a piece that appeared on Yahoo! Sports regarding the most disliked figures in sports.

Former dog abuser and current Philadelphia Eagles passer Michael Vick headlined that list. At number three resided Pittsburgh Steelers frat boy Ben Roethlisberger, followed by Tiger Woods and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

But sandwiched in between those characters at number two was Oakland Raiders renegade owner Al Davis. He stated in the piece: “…a longtime maverick with a history of clashing with the NFL, coaches and politicians in Northern and Southern California over stadium deals that have led him to move the club twice.”

Per the article, “To measure public opinion of sports figures, E-Poll surveyed 1,100 people nationwide, aged 13 or older. Forbes limited eligibility to those currently active in sports as a player, coach, manager, broadcaster, agent or owner. A 10 percent minimum awareness level was also a prerequisite (that eliminated drug-using cyclist Floyd Landis and money-grubbing baseball agent Scott Boras, both very much disliked by the few but anonymous to the many).”

Davis has been a target for a large sector of Raider fans over the years. And within the last two campaigns, a growing number of followers within the Raider Nation have grown more and more impatient with increased venom towards the figure that was once looked at as the embodiment of the Silver & Black during their zenith.

But a stretch of seven straight seasons with 11 or more losses and a record of 29-83 since 2003 could sour anyone.

What’s surprising is that Davis has that type of impression nationally at this point, since the Raiders have been irrelevant in the landscape of the NFL for many years now and mainly the butt of many jokes since their Super Bowl defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With the exception of Davis’ press conferences, Tom Cable’s off the field news and their yearly appearance atop the NFL draft every April, the Raiders have done very little to attract any attention nationally.

This poll within the fan-base would definitely yield similar results – as the owner will be under the gun again in 2010 after an off-season of perceived stability and solid moves.

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