Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell on TMZ

russell_0004_Layer_6_copy_4_fullWe have seen it all. Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has now been featured on the infamous celebrity gossip web site

The headline: NFL QB JaMarcus Russell – Heavy Bettor.

The tid-bit stated that the hefty passer was in Las Vegas catching the Jay-Z concert and playing craps at the Palms Casino Resort. With all the recent ramblings about his weight and speculation regarding whether or not he’s been trying to condition himself this off-season after ballooning up to a bulky size at the end of 2009, the unflattering pictures will not go well with fans of the team that have been clamoring for his departure.

Former Raider great Willie Brown raved in mid-March that Russell was getting in shape . “You’ll be surprised when you see him,” Brown stated. “It’s quite a bit of weight that he’s lost . . . I don’t want to pin it down and say how much he lost but it will be a significant difference when you see him compared to last year.

“The most important thing is he’s getting in shape. Not only losing weight, but getting in shape. He’s watching his diet, he has special meals brought in that he’s eating, and we have one of the Raiders, a former player there with him to monitor him and make sure things are going fine. The weight thing, he’ll get it down. He’ll get it down.”

Russell can also be found on this YouTube video that was archived in early March:

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