Raiders training camp notebook (7/29/08)

Training camp notes (7/29/08)

  • Wide receiver Drew Carter fought off hits from the defense and still managed to fight in the endzone for a touchdown after hauling in a toss near the goal line.
  • Offensive tackle Kwame Harris worked out with the team and looked much better. He also appears to be healthy.
  • Tight end Zach Miller will likely be the training camp MVP (if there is such an award). He has been snatching every catch his way as both the ‘go to’ guy and as JaMarcus Russell’s security blanket.
  • Receiver Marcel Reece worked out with his unit today and came up big by completing a goal line pass for a touchdown.
  • Quarterback JaMarcus Russell was calling more audibles today. On one audibled pass play, he had the perfect read, but fullback Justin Griffith missed his assignment on Michael Huff who came clean on a safety blitz which would have sacked Russell.
  • Malik Jackson laid a solid hit on Oren O’Neal who tried to block the linebacker on the play. O’Neal ended up on his backside.
  • Tight end John Madsen made an acrobatic juggling grab for a sizeable completion to the dismay of the defense.
  • The defense would get payback for Madsen’s catch however. On the next offensive series, Isaiah Ekejiuba blew up Madsen on a dump off pass. The hit was a shoulder to midsection blow that that dropped Madsen to the turf. The loud “thud” of the impact could be heard for miles! Both players were fine afterwards.
  • Tight end, right guard, and now right tackle. That’s right. Fred Wakefield got in some time working out as a right tackle during line drills.
  • JaMarcus Russell injured his right elbow (throwing arm) during offense/defense drills. Russell came of the field immediately after the play was over and could be seen bending over and holding the elbow. He would later be fine, but had ice applied to that elbow after practice to avoid any swelling.
  • Safety Jarrod Cooper laid a big hit on rookie Darrell Strong. There was supposed to be no tackling in camp thus far. Cooper admitted that he shouldn’t have done it and that he was upset that the offense had made three plays in a row against them.
  • Also, regarding the 49ers coming to Napa next Monday, Jarrod Cooper called out former teammate DeShaun Foster. “I’m looking for DeShaun Foster…make sure you put that on there. We used to play together in Carolina. We used to fight all the time…I’m not looking for anyone but DeShaun Foster…that’s it!”

Author: DeMarcus Davis

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