Meet your newest Raider, TE Mychal Rivera

The Raiders selected their second tight end of the sixth round when they took Mychal Rivera out of the University of Tennessee. They drafted Nick Kasa out of the University of Colorado earlier.

After being utilized on a limited basis, Rivera broke out in 2012 with 36 receptions for 562 yards and five touchdowns.

Unlike Kasa, Rivera is a reliable receiver and the quarterback can count on his hands as it is his strength. He has experience lining up all over the field, whether it’s on the line, in the backfield or in the slot.

Rivera’s downside lies in his lack of size and blocking ability. At 6-foot-3, 242 pounds, Rivera does not possess the same type of bulk to help block bigger defensive linemen.

Rivera will be a nice compliment to Kasa as they both hold on to different attributes that they can lean on. Rivera can catch the ball while Kasa is a better blocker. It will be interesting to see if Rivera can bulk up to make blocking easier or if Kasa can find his hands.

Should the Raiders training and coaching staff be able to improve the two tight ends in their respective weaknesses, even better.

The selection of both of these tight ends draws a comparison to the Raiders two tight end David Ausberry and Richard Gordon. Ausberry being the better receiver and Gordon being the better blocker.


Author: Chris McClain

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